The main objective of HS Tech Tips blog and YouTube channel is to teach and guide people appropriately about all genuine ways of making money online available on internet.

My name is Hemanta and I am the owner, founder and author of this blog, I had nearly 3 year of experience.  

I have a lot of information about YouTube’s rules regulations and guidelines, blogging, Google AdSense and other popular earning platforms, which I use to spread to the people who are new and are interested in earning through the house From the Internet

Now a day in India , lot of youngsters , working people , housewife are willing to make some money from home , but due to lack of Information and proper guidance these people work very hard, spend lot of time as well as money to create best quality content  for their YouTube channel,blog and Android app development,  but in spite of this they are not able to earn a single rupees or getting very less revenue in return of their hard work & dedication.So here on my YouTube channel and this blog I try my best to help and guide  people to achieve maximum possible growth and generate maximum revenue from their hard work . I even provide them personal suggestions and if they are in any trouble or facing some problem.I troubleshoot it and provide genuine solutions.