Top 10 On Page SEO Technique in 2019

Increase your Traffic by 99% – by using On-page SEO techniques.
When We Talk About SEO than We Focus on ON-Page SEO if We ignore these techniques than our effort worthless.
Ranking for our Website we need to do SEO – there are two types of SEO On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.
Starting in SEO We just Start with On page SEO after We focus second technique So now let’s know About On-Page in this post.
This post will help you to Learn Complete SEO and with this guide, you can start SEO Practice.
We all know that We can increase traffic for any website with good SEO but How?
The answer to this is that today we will learn all the details about on page SEO with the help of this guide.
on page seo techniques

#1. Site Speed :

Today, Internet users have many options. If Site takes longer to load, then User Skip Us. Therefore, reduce website Speed Loading. Loading of Website should be Time Maximum 10 Second. Well the best loading time is less than 4 seconds. There are several reasons for loading time. I will tell about it in the next post.

#2. Site Design :

Responsive: Website should be Mobile Friendly. At present, the most mobile user. Set the automatic height and width according to all the devices. User and Search Engine both prefer Responsive Website only.
Easy to Use : That means navigation is right. User can easily follow the steps. Whose user interface is right in Google Plus and Facebook? Meaning who is easier to use. The meaning of Easy to Use can be understood.
Font Background Style :-Selection of Background, Font and Style of Website Both the Color Combination and Font should be good. Some bloggers use much of H1 Tag Use H1 Tag but the whole page should be just H1 Tag. This is incorrect.

#3. Content :

Why does the user visit a blog or website? Example only for more content: When a book purchases, its content checks. Content is relative or not? You may have seen on many books Error Free Book The purpose of writing such a thing is to attract the user. Therefore, do not compromise with content at all.

#4. Post Title :

The most important portion of Seo is the title of your post. When you write the title of the post, you must also use at least 1 or 2 keywords in it and also use some special word in title such as Best, Useful, Using top 5, top 10, important, etc. people are excited to read your post and you get more views. If you do title seo, you can complicate up to 40% of the entire post.

#5. Post Url :

When you write the title of the post, its URL is automatically generated but it is not so much better for seo, in which you see the option to edit the URL, in which you can change the URL of your post and the URL of your post You can make seo ready before you publish any of your posts and change the URL in it and use at least one of the keywords in the URL

#6. Use Heading in Article :

The heading is another big ranking factors in On-Page SEO Use one or two heading in Article Use H1, H2 H3 also don’t forget to add Your Focus keyword in your H2 heading

#7. Linking :

When we write post, there is an option to add links to it. From which visitors can access from one post to another post, you should use this feature in your post. You also need to link another post link related to your post in the post, so that your visitors can read your second post, SEO is beneficial for both, so please use the internal link in all your posts.

#8. Images Optimization :

Everyone Use Image on their article for making a better user experience and UI.
But Some new SEO pros forget to optimize Image with SEO for optimization we decrease the size of the image and Add ALT tag On Image.
Suppose my Image is all about on SEO than I Will add ALT tag “SEO” – that myths behind ALT tag.

#9. Meta Description :

First Google scans the title, then Meta descriptions will mean that you also have to optimize the meta tag.
Write Your Meta Description in Under 170 Character recently google set the limit of meta description this is the whole point of Meta Description Optimization Also You need to add your keyword in Meta Description with the natural way

#10. Keyboard :

Most bloggers are not aware of keywords, so they do not get much views in their post. Keywords are words that can be searched more in the search engine and you can find out from Google keywords planner tools and if you want you can search keywords from any other tools. You should use more and more keywords in the first and last paragraph of your post and 10-12 keywords in a post are good for seo.


We hope this article helped you Find out top 10 ON Page SEO Techniques 2019 You may also want to see – top 10 off page seo SEO Techniques 2019



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