Top 10 useful Apps For Blogger

10 useful Apps For Blogger

Hello friends, once again your friend has come up with a beneficial information for you! Maybe you will use all these Mobile Applications! But these apps can be so much work for your blogging experience, you do not know!

If you are also thinking about doing blogging or doing this, then these Top 10 Blogging Apps For Android Phones can be beneficial for you! This is what I am saying with my Blogging Experience!

#1. Blogger :-

If you have a blog hosted on blogger, then you should give this app a try. Still, blogger app does not have many options as WordPress app, but it is still good. You can publish a new blog post or edit an existing one and various such things using this app.

Download Blogger

#2. WordPress :-

Most people use WordPress for blogging! There are very few people who like ! In this way, we can manage our blog to a great extent from the Android App of WordPress!

We can call it Blogging On The Go! Because we can use it anytime and anywhere! For example, while traveling, or at a time when we do not have a laptop! At that time, this app is very useful!
To use it, we have to login in this app via the WordPress Blog Account Credential! After this we can easily edit or manage our Post, Pages, Media and Comments!

Download WordPress For Android

#3. Google Chrome :-

As we know that Chrome is not only popular for its loading speed but also it reduces data usage, Data sync across devices, Voice search, Translates, Privacy, etc. The best feature that will be loved by the blogger is the synchronization so that data need not be remembered separately.

Download Google Chrome

#4. Adsense :-

Google AdSense app provides an easy way to monetize you android application, website traffic & Youtube. This application help you to view your monetization in your android mobile phone. It allows you to access reporting features anywhere like website earnings ,ads impression ,click ,page CTR and more.

#5. Analytics :-

Track the traffic coming to your blog with this great tool Google Analytics provided by Google. You can view real-time analytics, audience location, goal conversions and behaviour of your audience. This useful insight will help you to plan ahead and improve your site traffic.

#6. Notes :-

Evernote is a very useful app to capture ideas that come to mind when you are out and about. You can capture an image, write text, do sketches (with Skitch), record an audio clip or create a to-do list with Evernote. All these materials will then synchronized across all your devices so you can be sure that all your notes are easily accessed via your phone, desktop and browser.

Download EverNote

#7. Pics Art :-

As we know that images are the key points in an article. They represent what is going to be inside the article. If you have great images, you will surely receive a huge amount of likes and shares. And this directly means more traffic. So, what are you waiting for?

Download Picsart

#8. Pixabay :-

Being a Blogger, you will know that Pixabay is a better way for Free Stock Images! From where we can use Loyalty Free Image Download in your Blog!

For bloggers or for a very good website! Given its popularity, Pixabay had released its Mobile Version very soon! Because we can download Loyalty Free Images from Mobile only!

With the help of this app, you can download photos and edit your mobile at any time if your PC is not nearby. Then upload to Blog, you can use those photos!

If you edit photos in Blog for Mobile, then be sure to install it! This will provide you with a lot of support!

Download Pixabay

#9. :-’s word search covers 2,000,000+ English words, synonyms and antonyms: perfect for ACT study or SAT prep! Learn spelling, study grammar and discover new vocabulary with a host of learning features, you can use this aap for best articles writing.

Download Dictionary

#10. Writer :-

Blogging and getting things done using your smartphone is not easy, especially when there are so many distractions on the screen itself. Apps and incoming notifications are the most common productivity killers. Writer is a stripped-down word processor that aims to solve this problem by providing a distraction-free writing environment within your smartphone or tablet so that you can focus solely on creating text content with peace of mind.

Download Writer Android


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